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Because Style Team always mobilizes its resources to establish one goal ‘’satisfying customer needs’’ the company has been successful through its entire history in fulfilling those needs. Having the ability, Knowledge as well as the tools to provide a wide range of products with different styles to cater a larger market sector, make style team the biggest producer of decorative light fittings as well as the industry benchmark in the Middle East.

At the time of Style Team’s establishment in 1968, there were no other producers of decorative light fittings in Egypt. The only available products were imported traditional crystal lighting. Forced to buy only one style of lighting products, consumers were striving for a change. On the mean time Style Team’s owners felt the need for new ideas in the market, yet they were faced with the challenge of producing innovative products which can still be accepted in the market.

Consequently, they produced oriental lamps with a new approach; they worked on simplifying the form and discarding the heavy oriental motifs. In addition to using unconventional raw materials combinations like wood , ceramic and brass, as well as introducing different surface  finishes like antique and patina. This combination between the form and creative use of materials and finishes solved the dilemma of producing innovative designs and nevertheless traditional enough to be accepted by consumers.

The new products recognized a great success especially that they matched furniture styles existing in Egypt at that time. Being the sole producer of decorative lighting at that point in time, the company became the leader in the market. As new producers joined in, Style Team was always many steps ahead of its competitors and was effectively able to maintain in the market and further enhance its performance through its potentials.

As the Market trends changed, Style Team changed along, and was able to satisfy the market demands by providing customers with creative high quality products Style Team their primary choice in translating their vision into reality.

AS the name ‘ Style Team’ in itself reveals the management strategy in choosing a dedicated Team of employees with outstanding Style , working efficiently to design and produce different lighting collections of the finest quality to meet various tastes . The company’s team consists of 50 employees in the administration and management and 250 skilled laborers working in facility at 6th of October city.


The facility’s area is over than 11.000 square meters and is equipped with full and semi- Automated advanced machinery that are state of the art technology in decorative lighting industry.

Different processes are accommodated at the facility like pressing, forming, spinning, CNC wire forming, metal work, welding, coating, electroplating and molding on various row materials. The Materials that are widely used in our facility are brass, iron, aluminum, wood, marble, glass, ceramic and plastic as well as epoxy.


Style team produces over than 2000 different models of chandeliers, pendants, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, picture lamps, tabs. The primary material used in most of our products is brass incorporated the different natural materials like wood, marble, glass, ceramic and fer forge. We have four distinctive collections:

Country collection:

Using natural materials and simple folkloric motifs, makes this collection suitable for country houses and summer houses as wall. The products come in natural colors which makes them in harmony with the surrounding environment. This collection in specially treated to resist severe weather conditions, like wind and humidity.

Classic collection:

A product of the classic collection is a piece of art that conveys richness to its surroundings. The collection is specially designed to suit rich classy houses; it consists of elegant French style products with traditional finishes of gold and silver leaves as well as antique royal French touch.

Modern collection:

This collection is designed for modern homes; it contains a variety of choices of ultra modern designs and a wide range of attractive colors to match your desires.

Hotels &Resort   collection:

This collection contains a variety of practical, elegant yet heavy duty products.

This makes the collection suitable for hotels and resorts main areas as well as rooms, suites, and The Hotels and Resorts collection is specially treated against severe weather conditions.